Zhaohui Peng   Associate Professor Website


Zhaohui Peng     Associate Professor

1. Sept. 2003-July 2007, Renmin University of China, PhD, Computer Application Technology,Database and Business Intelligence
2. Sept. 2000-July 2003, Shandong University, MSc, Computer Software and Theory, Database and Application Software
3. Sept. 1995-July 1999, Shandong University, Bachelor Degree, Computer Software
Work Experience:
1. July 2007-Nov. 2009, Shandong University, China, Assistant Professor, Post-doctoral, Teaching and Research
2. Dec. 2009-present, Shandong University, China, Associate Professor, Teaching and Research
3. Sep. 2013-present, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, Visiting Scholar, Research


I have been engaged in database, data mining research and development in recent years. My research interests include database and information retrieval, information network analysis, business intelligence. Now mainly in mining social network data, I focus on studying big data analysis and mining theories, methods and techniques, and develop related software systems.


1. Database system, undergraduate student
2. Data warehouse and data mining, undergraduate student
3. Data analysis techniques, graduate student
4. Database design and implementation, graduate student


1.Key technologies of content and structured data multidimensional analysis, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2011.01-2011.12
2.Research and development of data analysis platform supporting unstructured data and demonstration applications, Shandong Province Science and Technology Development Program, 2010.01-2011.12
3.Research of information network analysis technology of multidimensional text data, Shandong Province Natural Science Foundation, 2013.10-2016.10
4.Research of data analysis oriented relational database keyword search techniques, Shandong Distinguished Middle-aged and Young Scientist Encouragement and Reward Foundation, 2009.12-2012.12
5.Research of keyword-based data analysis and processing technology, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2009.07-2010.12
6.Research of "long tail" type of user needs oriented personalized service technology, Independent Innovation Foundation of Shandong University, 2010.06-2012.12


Selected Publications:
1.Cross-Domain Recommendation for Cold-Start Users via Neighborhood Based Feature Mapping, DASFAA 2018, 2018.5
2.HOMMIT: A Sequential Recommendation for Modeling Interest-transferring via High-order Markov Model, WISE 2017, full paper, 2017.10
3.Measuring the Similarity of Nodes in Signed Social Networks with Positive and Negative Links, APWeb/WAIM 2017, 2017.7
4.Measuring the Relevance of Different-typed Objects in Weighted Signed Heterogeneous Information Networks, CSCWD 2017, 2017.4
5.Review-Based Cross-Domain Recommendation through Joint Tensor Factorization, DASFAA 2017, 2017.3
6.Maximizing the Influence Ranking under Limited Cost in Social Network, ApWeb 2016, regular paper, 2016.9
7.Temporal Recommendation via Modeling Dynamic Interests with Inverted-U-Curves, DASFAA 2016, regular paper, 2016.1
8.Learning the Influence Probabilities Based on Multipolar Factors in Social Network, KSEM 2015, regular paper, 2015.10
9.Minimizing the Cost to Win Competition in Social Network, APWeb 2015, regular paper, 2015.9
10.cluTM: Content and Link Integrated Topic Model on Heterogeneous Information Networks, WAIM 2015, regular paper, 2015.6
11.Relevance Search on Signed Heterogeneous Information Network Based on Meta-path Factorization, WAIM 2015, regular paper, 2015.6
12.Integrating Meta-Path Selection with User-Preference for Top-k Relevant Search in Heterogeneous Information Networks, CSCWD 2014, 2014.5
13.Prediction in Signed Heterogeneous Networks, CSCWD 2014, 2014.5
14.Extractor:支持查询重构的高效数据库关键词检索系统, 电子学报, 2014.2
15.Div-clustering: Exploring active users for social collaborative recommendation, Journal of Network and Computer Applications(SCI), 2013.11
16.DFIP: A Candidate Facet Generation Optimization Method towards Keyword-Driven Analytical Processing, Journal of computational information systems(EI), 2013.9
17.LSA-PTM: A Propgation-Based Topical Model Using Latent Sematic Analysis on Heterogeneous Information Networks, WAIM 2013, regular paper, 2013.6
18.基于SVM和扩展条件随机场的Web实体活动抽取, 软件学报, 2012.10
19.S-CBR:基于数据库模式展现数据库关键字检索结果, 软件学报, 2008.2
20.一种关系数据库关键字检索相关反馈方法, 软件学报, 2009.12
21.基于Markov逻辑网的两阶段数据冲突解决方法, 计算机学报, 2012.1
22.2D Correlative-Chain Conditional Random Fields for Semantic Annotation of Web Objects, Journal of Computer Science & Technology(SCI), 2010.7
23.A Query Interface Matching Approach Based on Extended Evidence Theory for Deep Web, Journal of Computer Science & Technology(SCI), 2010.5
24.基于集成学习和二维关联边条件随机场的Web数据语义标注方法, 计算机学报, 2010.2
25.NUITS: A Novel User Interface for Efficient Keyword Search over Databases, VLDB 2006, demo paper, 2006.9
26.TreeCluster: Clustering Results of Keyword Search over Databases, WAIM 2006(SCI), regular paper, 2006.6